History and Characteristics of Construction Techniques Used in Traditional Timber Ottoman Houses

The aim of this article is to make a comprehensive review of the traditional timber house constructions in Turkey, which constitutes the majority of the existing Ottoman architectural legacy. After a short historical background focused on the Ottoman territory, the first section explores regional differences in the housing tradition, developed according to local features and defined by architectural features, material characteristics, and availability of materials. Derived from these regional differences, in the second section diversity in traditional timber construction systems in Turkey is described with special emphasis on the Ottoman himis system. In this part, besides the discussion of the himis technique which spread over Ottoman lands from the Balkans to Syria, the timber masonry and frame systems of the Eastern Black Sea Region and Thrace are presented in detail with visual support.


Ankara “Yeni Şehir”in Kuruluşu: “Erken Cumhuriyet Konutu”nu Anlamak
Cengizkan, Ali (ODTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi, 2022-6)
Bir Şehir Kurmak: Ankara 1923-1933 sergi ve kitap çalışması, erken Cumhuriyet mimarlığı üzerine, özellikle de Ankara ve dönemin mimarisi konusunda çok farklı yönlerden açılımlar getirdi. Dönemin yeni Ankara’sı olan Yeni Şehir’in fotoğraflarla temellendirilerek modellenmesi, bu sırada 1300’e yakın çok özgün sayıda fotoğraf, hava fotoğrafı ve sınırlı da olsa döneme ilişkin mimari proje çizimlerinden yararlanılması, özelde Ankara’daki 350 yapılık Yeni Şehir bölgesine, genelde bütün Türkiye’de söz konusu 1923-1...
Re-reading the social context of apartment block development in İstanbul: 1889-1922
Aktuna, Zeynep; Güvenç, Murat; Department of City and Regional Planning (2003)
The thesis investigates the early phases of apartment block development in Istanbul, which took place in the second half of the 19th century. Apartment block development represents a unique process in Istanbul. It not only reflects the أwest-orientedؤ side of the Ottoman Empire but also sheds light on the transformation of urban fabric from pre-modern to modern. The emergence of apartment blocks in Istanbul, hence, does not simply imply the adoption of a أwesternؤ and أmodernؤ life, but also reflect a spati...
A Survey on plan typologies in apartment blocks: the case of Necatibey Neighbourhood, Ankara (1920s-1960s)
Aydın, Nihan Büşra; Balamir, Aydan; Department of Architecture (2017)
This study aims to investigate the development of apartment blocks in the Necatibey neighbourhood in Ulus, which is one of the oldest residential areas in Ankara. The area contains some of the first examples of apartment block from Early Republican Period, presenting remarkable examples of Ankara’s modern heritage. The neighbourhood surrounded by Anafartalar, Hisar Parkı, and İpek Streets has been selected as the research area, and for convenience of examination, the buildings are classified according to te...
From Praise to Condemnation: Ottoman Revivalism and the Production of Space in Early Republican Ankara
Basa, İnci (2015-07-01)
This article observes how architectural practice and symbolic appropriations interconnectedly produced space in 1920s' Ankara, the new capital of the new Republic of Turkey. The once magnificent and powerful Istanbul, capital of the Ottoman Empire, had its centuries long authority removed to disassociate the country from corporeal memories of its Ottoman past. The old capital was associated both with imperial and Islamic characteristics, and the republicans aimed to build a capital that spatially represente...
Vernacular timber houses of Uzungöl: examining / analyzing them in their re-functioning process
Çiçek, Ümit Gökhan; Gökce, Fuat; Department of Architecture (2012)
The aim of this study is to define structural and architectural features of vernacular houses in Uzungöl, town of Çaykara, Trabzon and to determine intervention types of houses in order to prevent loosing original architectural characteristics. For this purpose, the studies that were carried out about the history, geographical/physical character, settlement pattern and socio-economic character of the region in general and the district of the study area were surveyed. To be able to take reliable results, a s...
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