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Effect of solvent refractive index on the surface plasmon resonance nanoparticle optical absorption

Ertaş, Gülay
Suzer, Sefik
Optical properties of plasmon coupled silver and gold nanoparticles were studied as a function of the refractive index of the surrounding medium. Our studies confirmed that the effect of changes in the refractive index of the surrounding medium was more difficult to demonstrate from an experimental point of view, because of the very high susceptibility of nanoparticles to aggregate in aqueous and organic solvents. Whereas the position of the absorption bands of triiodide in these solvents shows a clear dependence on medium's refractive index, the surface plasmon band position of silver and gold nanoparticles do not exhibit the same dependence. This is attributed to a non-negligible interaction of these solvents with nanoparticle surfaces.