Indoor radon concentrations and radon doses at three districts of Ankara, Turkey and raising public awareness on the issue

Kildir, Mehmet
Gokmen, Inci
Gökmen, Ali
Indoor radon concentrations at METU, CIG-DEM and DOSTLAR in Ankara were measured using electrets. The statistical analysis of the data indicated a lognormal distribution of radon concentrations, with no significant difference between CIGDEM and DOSTLAR with geometric means of GM = 87.5 and 54.5 Bq m(-3), respectively. Radon concentrations did not change seasonally at CIGDEM which contain modern buildings, but at the slum district DOSTLAR, with poor insulation of houses a seasonal variation was observed. Annual effective radon doses were estimated (0.4-8.4 mSv). Public awareness about indoor radon was raised.