An X-Band Robust GaN Low-Noise Amplifier MMIC with sub 2 dB Noise Figure

Kazan, Oğuz
Koçer, Fatih
Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem
This paper presents a low-noise amplifier (LNA) operating between 8-11 GHz. Measurement results show that the LNA has a gain of more than 20 dB while achieving a noise figure of less than 2 dB. The three stage topology achieves high linearity, providing an OIP3 of 29 dBm at 0.6 W power dissipation. The robustness tests show that the circuit survives to at least 2.5 W (34 dBm) input power. With a size of just 2.8 x 1.3 mm(2) (3.6 mm(2)) the presented LNA is compact when compared to the state of the art. The circuit is realized using the 0.25 mu m Power GaN/SiC HEMT process by WIN Semiconductor.
13th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC)


High Power K-band GaN on SiC CPW Monolithic Power Amplifier
Cengiz, Omer; ŞEN, ÖZLEM; ÖZBAY, Ekmel (2014-10-07)
This paper presents a high power amplifier at K-band (20.2 - 21.2 GHz). The AlGaN/GaN CPW MMIC amplifier is realized with 0.25 mu m HEMT process on 2-inch semi-insulating SiC substrate. The amplifier has a small signal gain over 20 dB for Vds=15V and measured output power of over 31 dBm at 20.2 Ghz. PAE of the amplifier is around 22% for desired frequency band. Initial radiation hardness tests indicate a suitable stability of the technology in space.
A High Linearity Broadband Gain Block/LNA MMIC with Diode Predistortion in GaAs pHEMT Technology
Memioglu, Onur; Gundel, Adnan (2018-11-02)
This paper presents a high linearity broadband low noise amplifier/gain-block MMIC based on shunt feedback and shunt peaking circuit technique. The design targets DC-1.0 Gift band with excellent noise figure performance. At the input a diode based predistorter is used to further enhance the lineratity of the circuit. A two-stage amplifier is implemented in 0.25 m InGaAs E/D-mode plIEMT technology demonstrates a high gain and an excellent bandwidth along with high-linearity. This amplifier topology seems an ...
A High Linearity Wide Bandwidth GSM/WCDMA/LTE Base Station LNA MMIC with Ultra Low Noise Figure
Memioglu, Onur; Gundel, Adnan (2018-11-02)
This paper presents a high linearity wide bandwidth low noise amplifier (LNA) MMIC with excellent noise figure. The amplifier topology is compromised of a single-stage cascode topology with inductive source degeneration of common-source device. This amplifier topology seems an attractive choice for applications requiring wide bandwidth, high gain, and high linearity. The design targets 700-900 MHz, 1700-2200 MHz, and 2500-2800 MHz frequency bands for GSM/WCDMA/LTE base station receiver applications. A singl...
A 1024x768-12 mu m digital ROIC for uncooled microbolometer FPAs (Conference Presentation)
Akın, Tayfun (2017-04-13)
This paper reports the development of a new digital microbolometer Readout Integrated Circuit (D-ROIC), called MT10212BD. It has a format of 1024 × 768 (XGA) and a pixel pitch of 12μm. MT10212BD is Mikro Tasarim’s second 12μm pitch microbolometer ROIC, which is developed specifically for surface micro machined microbolometer detector arrays with small pixel pitch using high-TCR pixel materials, such as VOx and a Si. MT10212BD has an alldigital system on-chip architecture, which generates programmable timing...
A Self-Powered Rectifier Circuit for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Applications
Ulusan, Hasan; Gharehbaghi, Kaveh; Zorlu, Ozge; Muhtaroglu, Ali; Külah, Haluk (2012-12-05)
This paper presents a fully self-powered low voltage and low power active rectifier circuit for vibration-based electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesters. A passive AC/DC doubler is used to provide a supply voltage for the active rectifier circuit. The proposed circuit is designed using standard 90 nm TSMC CMOS technology. The simulation results show that the proposed active rectifier circuit has voltage conversion ratio higher than 150% when the input peak voltage is more than 100 mV at open-load condition. T...
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O. Kazan, F. Koçer, and H. Ö. Aydın Çivi, “An X-Band Robust GaN Low-Noise Amplifier MMIC with sub 2 dB Noise Figure,” presented at the 13th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), Madrid, SPAIN, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: