Wind Turbine Performance Losses Due to the Ice Accretion on the Turbine Blades

Yirtici, Ozcan
Sevine, Tansu
Özgen, Serkan
Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı
Ice accretion on wind turbine blades modifies the blade profiles and causes degradation in the aerodynamic characteristic of the blades. In this study ice accretion on turbine blades are simulated under various icing conditions and the resulting power losses are estimated. The Blade Element Momentum method is employed together with an ice accretion prediction methodology based on the Extended Messinger model and 2D flow solvers XFOIL and SU2. The predicted iced profiles are first validated with the experimental and numerical data available in the literature. The power production losses in the presence of iced blades are then investigated. It is shown that the methodology developed successfully predicts ice profiles on blade profiles under various icing conditions and the consequent power losses. It predicts about 20% power loss on the 30kW Aeolos wind turbine exposed to icing conditions for an hour.