Ice Accretion Prediction on Wind Turbines and Consequent Power Losses

Ice accretion on wind turbine blades modifies the sectional profiles and causes alteration in the aerodynamic characteristic of the blades. The objective of this study is to determine performance losses on wind turbines due to the formation of ice in cold climate regions and mountainous areas where wind energy resources are found. In this study, the Blade Element Momentum method is employed together with an ice accretion prediction tool in order to estimate the ice build-up on wind turbine blades and the energy production for iced and clean blades. The predicted ice shapes of the various airfoil profiles are validated with the experimental data and it is shown that the tool developed is promising to be used in the prediction of power production losses of wind turbines.


Aerodynamic validation studies on the performance analysis of iced wind turbine blades
YIRTICI, ÖZCAN; Cengiz, Kenan; Özgen, Serkan; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı (Elsevier BV, 2019-10-15)
Ice accretion on wind turbine blades distorts blade profiles and causes degradation in the aerodynamic characteristic of the blades. In this study ice accretion on turbine blades are simulated under various icing conditions, and the resulting power losses are estimated. The Blade Element Momentum method is employed together with an ice accretion prediction methodology based on the Extended Messinger model in a parallel computing environment. The predicted iced profiles are first validated with the experimen...
Design and Analysis of Shrouded Small-Scale Wind Turbine for Low Wind Speeds
Yildiz, R. Erdem; Ekinci, Abdurrahman (2018-06-22)
This work presents design and analysis of a shrouded small scale wind turbine optimized for extremely low wind speeds. In-house FORTRAN code based on Glauert's method are used for preliminary design. QBlade and CFD are used for iterative optimization. Results show that power output can be increased 1.5-2.5 times by using shroud. Additionally, using shroud and optimizing for low wind speed solves starting problem that small scale wind turbines have considerably and increases sustainability of power production.
Strength Analysis of a Composite Turbine Blade Using Puck Failure Criteria
Ozyildiz, M.; Muyan, C.; Çöker, Demirkan (2018-06-22)
The strength analysis of an existing 5-meter composite wind turbine blade using Tsai- Wu and Puck failure criteria is presented. Finite element analysis is performed on the blade under static flap wise loading. ANSYS APDL scripting language is used to implement Puck failure criteria and degradation rules for the progressive failure analysis of the blade. Evaluation and visualization of Tsai-Wu inverse reserve factors and Puck failure exposures in the blade is done with the help of the Ansys ACP/Post module....
Damage Progression in Thick Curved Composite Laminates under Static and Fatigue Loading
Tasdemir, B.; Çöker, Demirkan (IOP Publishing; 2018-06-22)
In this study, damage behavior of curved carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite laminates that are important sub-structures (ribs, shear webs and spar flanges etc.) for wind turbine blades are investigated under static and fatigue loading conditions. Cross-ply curved specimen consisting of groups of three 0 degrees and 90 degrees layers is used for clear observation of the matrix cracking in thicker plies. Damage mechanisms and locations under static and fatigue loadings are examined. In the exper...
Experimental Study on the Effects of Winglets on the Performance of Two Interacting Horizontal Axis Model Wind Turbines
Ostovan, Y.; Uzol, Oğuz (2016-10-07)
The focus of this experimental study is to investigate the effects of winglets on the performance of two interacting similar horizontal axis model wind turbines. For this purpose, a downwind winglet is designed and manufactured to be attached to the blade tips of the upstream turbine. A set of wing extensions with the same length as the winglets is also produced to be compared to the winglets. Power and thrust coefficients of both turbines are measured with winglets as well as with wing extensions attached ...
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