Gender bias in primary school arithmetic textbooks in Turkey.

Bilgen, Süheyla


Gender representations and gender bias in elt textbooks published in the Middle East : a case study of elt textbooks published in Turkey and Iran
Skliar, Olga S; Eröz Tuğa, Betil; Department of English Language Teaching (2007)
In addition to general knowledge on the official curriculum subjects, including the English language, schools convey multiple cultural and ideological meanings, playing a significant role in the processes of socialization and cultural reproduction. The function of school textbooks as powerful agents of socialization is realized through the texts and visuals in the content. Locally issued ELT materials, written in English by local authors, comprise a combination of local and foreign social meanings. Positive...
Bayram, Huri Gul; Elibol, Nur; Şahin Acar, Başak (null; 2015-07-07)
Gender Aspects of Income Distribution and Poverty in Turkey
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Gender differences in academic performance in a large public university in Turkey
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The paper attempts to determine whether there are significant gender differences in academic performance among undergraduate students in a large public university in Turkey based on three indicators; university entrance scores, performance in the English preparatory school and in the program the student is majoring in. The paper finds that a smaller number of female students manage to enter the university and when they do so, they enter with lower scores. However, once they are admitted to the university, t...
Gender-role orientations and perceived parental attitudes of METU preparatory school students
Siviş, Rahşan; Demir, Ayhan; Department of Educational Sciences (1999)
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S. Bilgen, “Gender bias in primary school arithmetic textbooks in Turkey.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.