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Investigation of photovoltaic properties of amorphous InSe thin film based Schottky devices

Yilmaz, K.
Parlak, Mehmet
Ercelebi, C.
In this study, device behavior of amorphous InSe thin films was investigated through I-V, C-V and spectral response measurements onto SnO2/p-InSe/metal Schottky diode structures. Various metal contacts such as Ag, Au, Al, In and C were deposited onto amorphous p-InSe films by the thermal evaporation technique. The best rectifying contact was obtained in a SnO2/p-InSe/Ag Schottky structure from I-V measurements, while the Au contact had poor rectification. Other metal contacts (Al, In and C) showed almost ohmic non-rectifying behaviors for all samples. The ideality factor and barrier height values with the Ag contact were found to be 2 and 0.7 eV, respectively.