Performance of a Pumped Discharge Line with Combined Application of Protection Devices Against Water Hammer

This study investigates the performance of a pumped discharge line with joint use of protective devices against water hammer expected to occur due to sudden stoppage of pumps. To this end, a pumped discharge line planned to be constructed is considered for hydraulic transients generated subsequent to pump trips. The unprotected form of the system is found to experience very low pressures below the vapor pressure of the liquid. Then single and combined application of flywheel, air chamber and in-line check valves are proposed and checked for their effectiveness in protecting the system. Single use of those devices is found to be insufficient and expensive, whereas the joint application of the in-line check valves and the air chamber are shown to be economical and successful in protecting the pipeline. Combined use of in-line check valves and air chamber is found to reduce the volume of the chamber by 65%, which also reduces the total cost of the protective measure by approximately 50%.


Micro processing by intense fast electron beam
Goktas, H; Kirkici, H; Oke, G; Udrea, M (2001-06-22)
Generation of intense electron beams by superposing two discharges, namely a low pressure do glow discharge and a high current pulsed discharge at pressures and voltages very similar to that of the pseudo-spark gap devices, has been reported previously [1, 2]. The small diameter, high peak current and short pulse length are the characteristics of the electron beam generated using this technique. In this technique, no high vacuum facilities are necessary, and many applications such as micro processing, X-ray...
Numerical investigation of protection measures against water hammer in the Yeşilvadi hydropower plant
Dursun, Samet; Bozkuş, Zafer (null; 2014-10-25)
Pressurized hydraulic systems are vulnerable to water hammer, which is an unsteady hydraulic problem. Changes of direction or velocity of the water in the system cause sudden increase in pressure and pipeline may collapse or burst. The purpose of this paper is to analyze pressure relief valves (PRV), which are used as protection measures against water hammer, numerically and compare the results with measured field data of a run-of-river hydropower plant project. The hydropower system is investigated numeric...
Performance analysis of a solar-assisted heat pump with an evacuated tubular collector for domestic heating
Caglar, Ahmet; Yamali, Cemil (2012-11-01)
Performance of a solar-assisted heat pump with an evacuated tubular collector has been analyzed both theoretically and experimentally. A domestic heating system has been designed, constructed and tested. The evacuated tubular solar collector has been used to achieve higher collector efficiencies. The effects of evaporation temperature on the heating capacity and performance of the system have been investigated. Evaporation temperature varies between 5.2 and 20.7 degrees C while storage tank temperature vari...
Dynamic modeling of environmental risk associated with drilling discharges to marine sediments
Durgut, İsmail; Reed, Mark; Smit, Mathijs G.D.; Ditlevsen, May Kristin (Elsevier BV, 2015-10)
Drilling discharges are complex mixtures of base-fluids, chemicals and particulates, and may, after discharge to the marine environment, result in adverse effects on benthic communities. A numerical model was developed to estimate the fate of drilling discharges in the marine environment, and associated environmental risks. Environmental risk from deposited drilling waste in marine sediments is generally caused by four types of stressors: oxygen depletion, toxicity, burial and change of grain size. In order...
Performance evaluation of Cappadocian tuffs treated with alcohol dispersion of calcium hydroxide nano-particles
Çalışkan, Berkay Barış; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Saltık, Emine Nevin; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2022-12-08)
In this study, the effect of treatment with alcohol dispersion of calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles on controlling excessive water absorption and capillary water suction properties of Cappadocian tuffs was investigated extensively. For this purpose, two tuff types, Göreme Rock (CYT) and Cappadocian Rose (CPT), obtained from a quarry near Avanos-Nevşehir, were examined. Laboratory tests were conducted concerning their basic physical, hygric, mechanical, microstructural, and mineralogical properties bef...
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