Characterization of morphology and hydration products of high-volume fly ash paste by monochromatic scanning x-ray micro-diffraction (mu-SXRD)

Bae, Sungchul
Akgül, Çağla
Oh, Jaeeun
Moon, Juhyuk
Kunz, Martin
Monteiro, Paulo JM
The present study focuses on identification and micro-structural characterization of the hydration products formed in high-volume fly ash (HVFA)/portland cement (PC) systems using monochromatic scanning x-ray micro-diffraction (mu-SXRD) and SEM-EDS. Pastes with up to 80% fly ash replacement were studied. Phase maps for HVFA samples using mu-SXRD patterns prove that mu-SXRD is an effective method to identify and visualize the distribution of phases in the matrix. mu-SXRD and SEM-EDS analysis shows that the C-S-H formed in HVFA system containing 50% or more of fly ash has a similar structure as C-S-H(1) with comparatively lower Ca/Si ratio than the one produced in PC system. Moreover, coexistence of C-S-H(1) and stratlingite is observed in the system containing 80% of fly ash, confirming that the amount of alumina and silicate phases provided by the fly ash is a major factor for the formation of C-S-H(I) and stratlingite in HVFA system.


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S. Bae, Ç. Akgül, J. Oh, J. Moon, M. Kunz, and P. J. Monteiro, “Characterization of morphology and hydration products of high-volume fly ash paste by monochromatic scanning x-ray micro-diffraction (mu-SXRD),” CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH, pp. 155–164, 2014, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: