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Uplink Performance Analysis of Oversampled Wideband Massive MIMO with One-Bit ADCs

Üçüncü, Ali Bulut
Yilmaz, Ali Ozgtir
Use of 1-bit analog-to-digital converters in massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems has been investigated widely due to the very low power consumption and implementation complexity they have. In this study, we present the benefits of temporal oversampling at the receiver side in 1-bit quantized uplink wideband massive MIMO systems. By expressing the oversampled system in a simple form, we derive the zero-forcing (ZF) detector. With ZF detector, oversampling provides up to 9 dB SNR gain in terms of symbol error rate compared to symbol rate sampling case. We also make the error rate analysis of such systems. Moreover, we show that the necessary number of antennas at the receiver side can be reduced significantly with temporal oversampling.