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Magnetic and Structural Analysis of a Transverse Flux Claw Pole Linear Machine

Keysan, Ozan
Burchell, Joe
Mueller, Markus A.
This paper details the design and testing of a novel transverse flux claw pole linear machine suitable for large superconducting generators. The machine utilises a modular claw pole transducer design with a stationary field winding which eliminates the need for cryogenic couplers and electrical brushes for a superconducting machine. The results from this prototype will enable a better understanding of the electromagnetic and mechanical structures before embarking on a more costly super-conducting design. The structure of the prototype supports a field winding and core; four pairs of claw poles with a stroke of 500 mm; three armature windings and core. Tests will be preformed to determine the deflection of the airgap, field core and armature core, the induced voltage in the armature coils, the forces acting on the structure and the flux density variation in the claw poles.