Transmission, reflection and thermoluminescence studies on GaS0.75Se0.25 layered single crystals

Delice, S.
Hasanlı, Nızamı
Optical and thermoluminescence properties on GaS0.75Se0.25 crystals were investigated in the present work. Transmission and reflection measurements were performed at room temperature in the wavelength range of 400-1000 nm. Analysis revealed the presence of indirect and direct transitions with band gap energies of 2.39 and 2.53 eV, respectively. TL spectra obtained at low temperatures (10-300 K) exhibited one peak having maximum temperature of 168 K. Observed peak was analyzed using curve fitting, initial rise and peak shape methods to calculate the activation energy of the associated trap center. All applied methods were consistent with the value of 495 meV. Attempt-to-escape-frequency and capture cross section of the trap center were determined using the results of curve fitting. Heating rate dependence studies of the glow curve in the range of 0.4-0.8 K/s resulted with decrease of TL intensity and shift of the peak maximum temperature to higher values.


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IŞIK, MEHMET; Hasanlı, Nızamı; KORKMAZ ÖZKAN, FİLİZ (2013-03-01)
The infrared reflectivity and transmittance and Raman scattering in Ga3InSe4 layered crystals were investigated in the frequency ranges of 100-400, 400-4000 and 25-500 cm(-1). The refractive and absorption indices, the frequencies of transverse and longitudinal optical modes, high- and low-frequency dielectric constants were obtained from the analysis of the IR reflectivity spectra. The bands observed in IR transmittance spectra were interpreted in terms of two-phonon absorption processes.
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Optical and electrical properties of TlInSSe layered single crystals have been studied by means of transmission, reflection and photoconductivity measurements. Transmission and reflection experiments have been carried out from 540 to 1000 nm at room temperature. Derivative analysis was applied to both transmission and reflection spectra and indirect band gap energy was found as 2.06 eV. Photoconductivity measurements have been performed in the temperature range from 245 to 300 K and in the voltage range fro...
Determination of optical parameters of Ga0.75In0.25Se layered crystals
IŞIK, MEHMET; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2012-05-01)
The optical properties of the Ga0.75In0.25Se crystals have been investigated by means of transmission and reflection measurements in the wavelength range of 380-1100 nm. The analysis of the results performed at room temperature revealed the presence of optical indirect transtions with band gap energy of 1.89 eV. The variation of the band gap energy as a function of temperature was also studied in the temperature range of 10-300 K. The rate of change of band gap energy (? = 6.2 x 10(4) eV/K) and absolute zer...
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Delice, S.; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2016-10-15)
Characteristics of defect centers in neodymium doped TlInS2 single crystals have been investigated in virtue of thermoluminescence measurements carried out at low temperatures (10-300 K) with various heating rates between 0.4 and 1.2 K s(-1). One glow peak was detected with peak maximum temperature of 26 K at a rate of 0.4 K s(-1). The observed glow peak was analyzed using three points and heating rate methods. The analysis results revealed the presence of one trap level with activation energy of 14 meV. Th...
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S. Delice, M. IŞIK, and N. Hasanlı, “Transmission, reflection and thermoluminescence studies on GaS0.75Se0.25 layered single crystals,” MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN, pp. 236–240, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: