Micro-teaching videos in EFL teacher education methodology courses: Tools to enhance English proficiency and teaching skills among trainees

The main goal of the study presented in this paper was to investigate the opinions of 40 prospective English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers about the effectiveness of micro-teaching videos in two English language teaching methodology courses. The study was conducted at a state university in Turkey and the data collection was mainly done via a questionnaire. Quantitative data analysis done on participants' responses to the questionnaire items show that absolute majority of participants believed in the usefulness of micro-teaching videos. The paper reports and discusses the English proficiency and English teaching skills enhanced by micro-teaching videos in detail.


Use of digital video recording in the preparation stage of pre service foreign language teachers micro teachings
Savaş, Perihan (2012-07-01)
The paper reports the findings of a study done to investigate the perceptions of 64 pre-service foreign language teachers on their experiences with digital video recording during the preparation of their microteachings to practice teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). For two semesters and in two EFL Methodology courses participants worked in small groups to prepare their lesson plans and in-class microteachings and their group discussions were self-recorded. Main data collection instrument of the s...
Tablet PCs in English Language Teaching: Benefits and Challenges.
Savaş, Perihan (2013-10-01)
The main purpose of the study presented here was to explore the perceptions of 40 English as foreign language pre-service teachers about the benefits and challenges of the use of Tablet PCs in English Language Teaching (ELT). Data collection and analysis in the study were done mainly by qualitative means via two Tablet PC use surveys in which participants answered open-ended questions. Findings of the study showed that both benefits and challenges of the use of Tablet PCs in ELT could be categorized under f...
EFL student and instructor perceptions of pair and group work speaking activities: a case study at a state university in Turkey
İlkyaz Akın, İnci Nur; Savaş, Perihan; Department of English Literature (2018)
The aim of this study was to investigate the perceptions of English preparatory school students and their language instructors of the implication of pair and group work speaking activities in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes. The study was conducted as a case study with 496 English as a foreign language (EFL) students and nine instructors of English language in the preparatory school of a state university in Ankara, Turkey. The data for this study were collected through a questionnaire administer...
EFL instructors’ cognitions and actions in relation to foreign language learning and teaching processes
Öztürk, Mustafa; Yıldırım, Ali; Department of Educational Sciences (2014)
The purpose of this study is to investigate EFL instructors’ language learning cognitions regarding linguistic aptitude, priorities in language learning, and good language learners; and language teaching actions with respect to pedagogical inclinations, instructional planning, error correction, learner-centeredness, and personal and professional development. The study also aims to describe the patterns of the relationships existing among those variables and examine the sources contributing to teachers’ cogn...
Web-based learning tool: design and development of an online basic English support material for young children at elementary level
Durdu, Levent; Özden, Yaşar; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2003)
This study investigated the students̕ and teacher̕s perception of a web-based learning tool for an English course which was given as a second language at elementary level. The site was used as a supplementary material for 8th grade students in METU College. The researcher developed the site specifically for this study and in the development process internet and database technologies were used.The data were collected from the 22, 8th grade students through a computer attitude scale and a questionnaire, which...
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