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City as a field of cultural production; the case of Kadıköy district in Istanbul

Yalçın, Bahar
This thesis problematizes the cultural politics and field of cultural production in metropolitan cities in Turkey by focusing on the case of theaters in Kadıköy District in Istanbul by dwelling upon the argument that there are transformative relations and interactions among theaters, communities, local governments, citizen and public space. As oppose to approaches which handled them separately, in this study these actors and settings are explored in interaction with each other as complementary components of wider cultural field. Drawing upon Bourdieu’s approach to the cultural field, dynamics of field of theater are examined with regard to power struggles, positions and position takings of the actors involved in Kadıköy in interaction with the each other as, space, spectator and Kadıköy Municipality as an important public actor in the District. The analysis based on the field research shows the ways in which how the famous-consonant, player-spectator, public-private contradictions determine the distribution of power in the field and how local governments influence these contradictions through the redistribution of common resources of the city. An examination of the dynamics of change in the distribution of power in the field may facilitate the monitoring of consistency by carrying the expectations of the institutions to a more realistic ground while making urban-cultural planning. The thesis makes a contribution to the policy making of the public authorities by underlining the importance of the transformative power of local governments emerging out of interaction with the other components in a field of cultural production by also pointing to constitutive role of such policies in the formation of public space.