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The relationship between teachers' learning organization perceptions and their attitudes towards change

Yoldaş, Sinem Şafak
The ability to adapt to change in an organization is enhanced through the learning organization (Driver 2002). If a school is a learning organization, it makes inferences from experiences continually and uses this to keep up with the changes in the environment and creates a system to improve workers. Teachers’ observation of their school as learning organization is significant for success in the educational process and for adapting to changes in the environment. Moreover, teachers’ attitudes towards change is important in actually making change happen. Thus, the purpose of the study was to examine the degree to which teachers perceive their school to be a learning organization and its relation to their attitudes towards change. Data were collected from a total of 340 primary and middle school teachers who are currently working in public schools in Ankara. A correlational research design was used and data were collected through two questionnaires; Dimensions of Learning Organization Questionnaire (DLOQ) developed by Watkins and Marsick (1997) and the Inventory of Attitude toward Change Survey (IATCS), of Dunham, Grube, Gardner, Cummings and Pierce (1989). The results of the study indicated that there was a positive strong relationship between the teachers’ perceptions of overall dimensions of learning organization and teachers’ attitudes towards change. In addition, promoting inquiry and dialogue, and providing strategic leadership for learning dimensions of teachers’ perceptions of learning organization predicted teachers’ attitudes towards change.