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The Effect of gamified instruction about computer technology terms on undergraduate students’ achievement

Mizam, Nigar
The purpose of this study is to find out how gamified instruction affects the undergraduate learners’ achievement in computer technology terms. The study designed as experimental study. For this study, 34 first year undergraduate students from Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Middle East Technical University were selected. In this study, randomized posttest-only control group design was used to control testing threat to internal validity. Gamified and nongamified groups were randomly assigned to make groups equivalent. In this study, midterm exam as posttest and online activities’ scores were used as instrument for achievement. The data were collected by using online activities during treatment and midterm exam as posttest at the end of the semester. Quantitative statistical analyzing methods were used to analyze the data. Results showed that students in gamified and nongamified groups had same level of achievement on online activities and midterm exam.