Temperature dependence of the first-order Raman scattering in GaS layered crystal (vol 116, pg 147, 2000)

Hasanlı, Nızamı
Aydinli, A
Ozkan, H
Kocabas, C
The temperature dependence (15±293 K) of the six Raman-active mode frequencies and linewitdhs in gallium sulÆde hasbeen measured in the frequency range from 15 to 380 cm21. We observed softening and broadening of the optical phonon lineswith increasing temperature. Comparison between the experimental data and theories of the shift and broadening of theinterlayer and intralayer phonon lines during the heating of the crystal showed that the experimental dependencies can beexplained by the contributions from thermal expansion and lattice anharmonicity. The pure-temperature contribution (phonon±phonon coupling) is due to three- and four-phonon processes.