TED Ankara College: an educational institution and its places of urban life in Kolej district

Acar, Melis
This study aims to discuss the relation between TED Ankara College, an educational institution, and Kolej district, its context of urban life. Türk Maarif Cemiyeti was founded in 1928 in order to support the education reform in Republican Turkey. Its initial aim was to open schools that would compete with foreign schools in the country and this was realized in Ankara in 1931 with Yenişehir School, which will be renamed as TED Ankara College in 1951. The school is historically significant as the product of an important Republican institution, Türk Maarif Cemiyeti (later renamed as Türk Eğitim Derneği). Besides, the school buildings of TED Ankara College that were constructed from the 1930s to the 1960s are examples of the architectural production of different periods of the Turkish Republic through the twentieth century. The location of the school campus that was in the center of the new capital city of Ankara provides the perspective to study architecture in relation to the urban context. The district, where TED Ankara College was located, began to be called as Kolej district in that time. The evaluation of Kolej district as an urban sub-center of Ankara under the light of the main planning decisions of the city, is correlated to the assessment of the school in reference to its contributions to the socio-spatial life of its close environment. In line with the development of Yenişehir-Kızılay as the new region of Ankara from the early Republican decades onwards, the district of Kolej developed in its northeast together with the school. This study will evaluate the formation of TED Ankara College and its impact on Kolej district becoming a characteristic urban sub-center with its places of urban life.
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M. Acar, “TED Ankara College: an educational institution and its places of urban life in Kolej district,” Thesis (M.A.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. History of Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.