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Leader-member exchange and turnover intention of white-collar employees: a moderated mediation model

Can, Aylin
According to Leader Member Exchange Theory (LMX), the quality of the relationship between leader and member predicts several outcomes in individual, group, and organizational levels such as job satisfaction, job performance, turnover and organizational commitment. Present study examined the relationship between LMX and turnover intention and also mediating effect of work alienation in this relationship. Also, considering the fact that quality of the relationship with leader would mean more for some employees, negative affectivity was added to the model and moderator effect of negative affectivity on LMX – alienation relationship and on the mediating role of alienation between LMX-turnover intention relationship were assessed. The study was conducted with 300 white collar employees and findings of the study confirmed the proposed relationship. Based on the results, it was found that LMX and work alienation predicts turnover intention of employees and also alienation had mediating effect on these relationships. Also, these relationships were not same for everyone, negative affectivtiy indicated a moderating effect on both LMX-alienation and mediating role of alienation.