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Production of photocatalytically active TiO₂ –P₂O₅ glasses by the Sol-gel process

Öztürk, Yiğit Cansın
TiO2-P2O5 (TP) gels containing large amounts of TiO2 were successfully synthesized by the sol-gel process. Influence of processing parameters such as pH, Ti precursor type, amount, H2O/Ti ratio, solvent type, concentration on the formation of homogeneous gels were investigated. Prepared gels were subjected to regulated heat-treatments at various temperatures, durations, and heating rates to obtain monolithic TP glasses. Binary glasses having compositions of xTiO2 . (1-x)P2O5 (x= 70, 80, 90, 95 mol %) were produced and evaluated in terms of their appropriateness for self-cleaning applications. The results revealed that photocatalytic activity of glasses could be customized by controlling processing and heat-treatment conditions carefully. TP glasses have effectively decomposed Methylene Blue (MB) under UV illumination and best MB degradation rate was 96.1 % after exposing to UV light for 90 min. Enhanced photocatalytic activity was attributed to compatibility of anatase crystallinity along with high specific surface area owing to the amorphous.