A 4D animation supported stroytelling presentation technique to better understand the tectonics of architecture by use of a gaming platform

Bük, Mustafa Eren
With the developments of technology in architecture, architectural presentation techniques have been developed rapidly. Recently, there has been a tendency to shift from photographic presentation to animated and storytelling ones since these presentation methods give opportunity for more effective transfer of technical information. Moreover, architectural animation can be used as an effective tool to understand the development process of materialization and tectonics of architectural works. With the addition of interaction to cinematographic explanations, this presentation technique might evolve to be a helpful gaming platform for architecture and construction related people from any level of interest. This method offers more interactive discoveries instead of passive learning techniques, so users might explore different problems and solutions using virtual environments to have beforehand experience on design tasks. This study aims to create a methodological framework for a 4D animation supported cinematic gaming platform to enrich architectural presentations in a virtual environment and objectify the materialization process of the tectonics of a building. By the help of interaction, time and motion factors, this method will act like a storyteller of architecture. As a methodology of the thesis, Hüsrev Paşa Mosque designed by Mimar Sinan will be studied as a case study to examine the capability of this method to disclose the tectonic properties of the selected building. It can be claimed that this method may contribute not only to architectural practice and presentation but also education of architecture by increasing awareness about tectonics and construction methods as well as historical knowledge about architectural works.