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Exploration of design for cohabitation with nature through nature experience (NEX)

Demir, Çiğdem
This thesis aims to suggest an approach to design for human and nature cohabitation. For this aim, this study situates human and nature interaction as nature experience (NEX) by applying user experience design. The fieldwork of this study is small interview groups conducted with young people from nature-related professional backgrounds. Based on the literature review and findings of the fieldwork, this thesis suggests five main conclusions. Firstly, nature is a socio-ecological-cultural system. Secondly, nature experience is a reciprocal process for all species. Thirdly, nature experiences in urban settings are non-inclusive in terms of ecological reality. Fourthly, the ideal nature experience is participatory. Fifthly, designers should embrace Cohabitation Intelligence (CI) as an approach to design for cohabitation. Cohabitation Intelligence is a non-human-centered design approach that requires systems thinking and ethical awareness to notice NEXs between humans and nature. This thesis contributes to the literature by developing NEX and Cohabitation Intelligence (CI) for the design for cohabitation with nature.