Paradoxes of exhibiting architecture

Köse, Melte
This thesis starts with the assumption that architectural exhibitions are powerful enough to define a research field in architecture. Exhibitions work as a medium for architecture while framing and redefining the profession over and over again. Although their existence is temporary, their effects on the development of architectural theory is permanent. Architectural exhibitions display an object which is not physically there by using drawings, models or photographs in full scale or in fragments. Alongside housing the representations, the exhibition space has its own contribution to the exhibition. Beyond contributing, the exhibition space exhibits itself. Starting from the argument of architectural exhibitions are representational experiences, this thesis focuses on the condition of “representing itself” status of exhibition space. For the conceptual framework of this study, the history of exhibitionmaking, exhibiting ideas, their paradoxical condition and their relationship with spaces were re-visited. For the pragmatic framework of the study, architectural exhibitions, exhibition spaces and the status of the curator are investigated through related examples. A comprehensive index was created as part of this study to illustrate and analyze architectural exhibitions held in Turkey since 2000. Three particular examples were selected from the index to be further examined the paradoxes of exhibiting architecture in various conditions. The first set includes architectural exhibitions that were held in architectural schools. The second set is institutional exhibitions. The third set focuses on the curated architectural exhibitions in Turkey. Based on this classification, the relationships between the curator figures and exhibition spaces were critically evaluated through the amateur, institutional and curatorial exhibitions. Finally, this thesis stands as a further inquiry on the paradoxes of exhibiting architecture through selected range of conditions.
Citation Formats
M. Köse, “Paradoxes of exhibiting architecture,” Thesis (M.Arch.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.