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Design and analysis of test rig for small scale wind turbine blade

İçen, Mustafa.
In this thesis, a test setup for the experimental 5 meter RÜZGEM wind turbine blade and that can be used for small scale wind turbine blades up to 9 meter is designed and analyzed. The purpose of this thesis is to help establishing the test infrastructure under METUWIND project such as NREL, RISØ, CRES. The literature on the existing facilities is reviewed. After that, RÜZGEM wind turbine blade is introduced and design loads are presented. To apply these loads appropriately to the blade, the moment distributions are converted to concentrated loads at 2 saddle points optimizing the load locations and corresponding loads using Excel Solver Add-in. The objective of these solutions is to obtain the best moment distribution on the blade compared to the given design moment distribution. With this design input, the load interface design of test fixture is performed. Next, hydraulic equipment and load cell selection are carried out and support structure is designed which is composed of main reaction wall and ground support. Resultant test fixture capacity is verified by structural analysis using FEM and hand calculation methods under static loading. Finally, required infrastructural cost is estimated.