Probabilistic assessment of stress normalization for CPT data

Currently available cone penetration test (CPT) stress normalization schemes exhibit no consensus on the estimation of the stress normalization component. Depending on which power law stress normalization exponent is used, very different interpretations may result in the analyses where normalized CPT data are used (e.g., CPT-based soil classification and seismic soil liquefaction initiation assessment). Within the confines of this paper, it is intended to clarify and resolve some of these differences, and to propose improved recommendations for CPT stress normalization. For this purpose, available stress normalization databases from theoretical, numerical, and field data analyses approaches were compiled. For the soil types, and stress conditions where compiled database is not conclusive, additional finite element simulations have been performed. The resulting relationship not only eliminates several sources of bias intrinsic to previous. similar correlations, and provides greatly reduced overall uncertainty and variance, it also helps to establish a consensus to the stress normalization issue that have long, been difficult and controversial. Key elements in the development of these new correlations are: (1) accumulation of a significantly expanded database of analytical/numerical CPT simulation results, as well as field and chamber test data from homoqeneous soil layers; (2) use of improved knowledge and understanding of factors affecting CPT and stress normalization; and (3) use of high-order probabilistic tools (Bayesian updating).


CPT-based probabilistic and deterministic assessment of in situ seismic soil liquefaction potential
Moss, R. E. S.; Seed, R. B.; Kayen, R. E.; Stewart, J. P.; Kiureghian, A. Der; Çetin, Kemal Önder (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2006-08-01)
This paper presents a complete methodology for both probabilistic and deterministic assessment of seismic soil liquefaction triggering potential based on the cone penetration test (CPT). A comprehensive worldwide set of CPT-based liquefaction field case histories were compiled and back analyzed, and the data then used to develop probabilistic triggering correlations. Issues investigated in this study include improved normalization of CPT resistance measurements for the influence of effective overburden stre...
Sucuoğlu, Haluk; McNiven, Hugh (Wiley, 1984-01-01)
The parameters appearing in the mixture and effective modulus models proposed in Part 1 are determined through optimization by matching theoretical and experimental responses. The optimization analysis is performed in frequency space. The response quantities chosen to be matched are the complex frequency response functions (experimental and theoretical) relating the Fourier transforms of top and base accelerations of the wall. Computations in optimization analysis are carried out by introducing an object (e...
Probabilistic Model for the Assessment of Cyclically Induced Reconsolidation (Volumetric) Settlements
Çetin, Kemal Önder; Wu, Jiaer; Kammerer, Annie M.; Seed, Raymond B. (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2009-03-01)
A maximum likelihood framework for the probabilistic assessment of cyclically induced reconsolidation settlements of saturated cohesionless soil sites is described. For this purpose, over 200 case history sites were carefully studied. After screening for data quality and completeness, the resulting database is composed of 49 high-quality, cyclically induced ground settlement case histories from seven different earthquakes. For these case history sites, settlement predictions by currently available methods o...
Correlations of SPT, CPT and pressuremeter test data in alluvial soils. Case study: Tabriz Metro Line 2, Iran
Firuzi, Mahnaz; Asghari-Kaljahi, Ebrahim; Akgün, Haluk (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-10-01)
The Menard pressuremeter modulus (E-m), limit pressure (P-L), shear modulus (G) and subgrade reaction modulus (K-s) can be obtained by using the pressuremeter test, and are needed as parameters to obtain the geotechnical parameters for foundation design and to determine the ultimate bearing capacity in engineering projects. In this article, correlations of Menard pressuremeter tests (PMTs) with standard penetration tests (SPTs) and cone penetration tests (CPTs) are obtained as a consequence of the extensive...
Parametric study on the effect of structural and geotechnical properties on the seismic performance of integral bridges
Erhan, Semih; Dicleli, Murat (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-10-01)
In this paper practical techniques are introduced for detailed modeling of soil-pile and soil-abutment interaction effects for integral bridges (IBs). Furthermore, a parametric study is conducted to determine appropriate structural configurations and geotechnical properties to enhance the seismic performance of IBs. For this purpose, numerous nonlinear structural models of a two-span IB including dynamic soil-bridge interaction effects are built. Nonlinear time history analyses (NTHA) of the IB models are t...
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