11-Hydroxyundecyl octadecyl disulfide self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)

Bracco, Gianangelo
Danışman, Mehmet Fatih
Here, we report a helium atom diffraction study of 11-hydroxyundecyl octadecyl disulfide (CH3-(CH2)(17)-S-S-(CH2)(11)-OH, HOD) self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) produced by supersonic molecular beam deposition (SMBD). Two different lying down monolayer phases were observed depending on the substrate temperature. At low temperatures a poorly ordered phase was observed, while the diffraction patterns of the film grown at high temperatures were similar to that of mercaptoundecanol (MUD) SAMs reported previously in the literature. The transition from the low temperature phase to the high temperature phase is due to S-S bond cleavage at the surface. Desorption from several different chemisorbed and physisorbed states were observed with energies in the same range as observed for MUD and octadecanelthiol (ODT) SAMs.


Helium diffraction study of pentacene films on Au(111)
ALBAYRAK, EROL; Danışman, Mehmet Fatih (2014-03-15)
Here we present a helium atom diffraction study of pentacene films on Au(1 1 1) surface prepared by supersonic molecular beam deposition. Though investigated parameter space was limited no significant difference between the films prepared by different deposition energies was observed. Completion of monolayer coverage was confirmed by simultaneous helium scattering and quartz crystal resonance frequency shift measurements during pentacene film growth on the gold electrode of a quartz resonator. Monolayer fil...
Helium atom diffraction study of low coverage phases of decanethiol self-assembled monolayers prepared by supersonic molecular beam deposition
Albayrak, E.; DUMAN, SONER; Bracco, G.; Danışman, Mehmet Fatih (2013-03-01)
Thiol self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold surfaces have a wide range of applications including surface patterning and metal contact-organic semiconductor interface modification in organic electronic devices. Here we present our studies about the low coverage phases of decanethiol (CH3(CH2)(9)SH) SAMs on Au(1 1 1) surface, grown in vacuum by supersonic molecular beam deposition. Crystal structures, phase behaviors and desorption energies of these films determined by helium atom diffraction technique are...
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic characterization of Au collected with atom trapping on silica for atomic absorption spectrometry
Suzer, S; Ertas, N; Kumser, S; Ataman, Osman Yavuz (1997-10-01)
The nature of analyte species collected on a cooled silica tube for atom-trapping atomic absorption spectrometric determination was investigated with the use of X-ray photoelctron spectroscopy (XPS). An XPS spectrum of gold deposited on atom-trapping silica tubes reveals a Au 4f(7/2) peak with a binding energy of 84.8 (+/-0.2) eV, which falls in the middle of the binding energies corresponding to zerovalent Au(0) at 84.0 eV and that of monovalent Au(I) at 85.2 eV, The corresponding energy for Au vapor depos...
Study of the helium cross-section of unsymmetric disulfide self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)
ALBAYRAK, EROL; KARABUĞA, ŞEMİSTAN; Bracco, Gianangelo; Danışman, Mehmet Fatih (2016-12-30)
We have investigated the formation of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of 11-hydroxyundecyl decyl disulfide (CH3-(CH2)(9)-S-S-(CH2)(11)-OH, HDD) and 11-hydroxyundecyl octadecyl disulfide (CH3-(CH2)(17)-S-S-(CH2)(11) -OH, HOD) produced by supersonic molecular beam deposition (SMBD). The study has been carried out by means of helium diffraction at very low film coverage. In this regime helium single molecule cross sections have been estimated in a temperature range between 100K and 450K. The results show a di...
1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of 1-Methyl-3-Oxidopyridinium Betaine with C-70-A Theoretical Study
Türker, Burhan Lemi; Gumus, Selcuk (American Scientific Publishers, 2009-04-01)
In the present study, the molecular orbital properties of 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition products of 1-methyl-3-oxidopyridinium betaine with C-70 have been investigated theoretically at the level of PM3 (RHF) type semi empirical quantum chemical calculations and then single point DFT calculations were performed for the energies. The betaine acts as a 4 pi-component across its 2,6-positions and certain C=C bonds of C-70 act as 2 pi-component in the 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions considered presently. Various cycloadd...
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E. ALBAYRAK, Ş. KARABUĞA, G. Bracco, and M. F. Danışman, “11-Hydroxyundecyl octadecyl disulfide self-assembled monolayers on Au(111),” APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, pp. 643–647, 2014, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/47216.