İklim değişikliklerinin Karadeniz ve Ege Denizi ekosistemi ve dinamiğine etkileri

The main approach in the current project is to provide explanations for the past climate-ocean interactions, to define the major variations in atmosphere and sea systems and to determine how systematic/non-systematic are these variablitities and to simulate the system characteristics under different climate conditions. Within the scope of this 2-year project, in the framework of what has been done by Oğuz et al. (2006) and Kazmin and Zatsepin (2007), and the works that have been published previously (Polonsky et al., 1997; Reva, 1997; Belokopytov, 1998; Özsoy, 1999; Stanev ve Peneva, 2002; Tsimplis and Rixen, 2003; Tsimplis et al., 2004; Gündüz and Özsoy, 2006) concentrating on a variety of details of the current work are reviewed to provide an extensive explanation on sea-atmosphere-climate interactions over the Black Sea and Aegean Sea via data analysis and mathematical model simulations. The project’s value comes from the fact that it contributes to the work done on 2000’s hotly debated phenomenna, Global Climate Change, based on how it would effect our seas which is, indeed, a highly disregarded scientific topic in our country up to now. The major affect could be as the results of the data analysis done on the Aegean Sea has shown that there has been a significant introduction of the alien species with the increase in sea water temperature in the recent years. Besides, there is a high correlation between the interannual alien species boimass and the temperature anomalies. Moreover, in the Black Sea the results of the odservational and model data reveal that in the cooling period between 1992-1993 there is a decrease in the terrestrial/antropogenic nutrient input. This situation led to an unfavorable low productive state in the Black Sea ecosystem. Furthermore, this state is one of the worst examples of environmental degredation in the whole world history with the foodweb structure of jelly fish dominating the system and with ecotrophically low amount of fish stocks. Nowadays, the major subject of the politics and science should be finding ways to recover a marine ecosystem (such as the Black Sea) invaded by alien species into a fish dominated ecosystem.
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B. A. Fach Salihoğlu, B. Salihoğlu, and T. Oğuz, “İklim değişikliklerinin Karadeniz ve Ege Denizi ekosistemi ve dinamiğine etkileri,” 2011. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://app.trdizin.gov.tr/publication/project/detail/TVRFMk9EZzQ.