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Using a personality-oriented job analysis to identify attributes to be assessed in officer selection

Sümer, Hayriye Canan
Sumer, N
Demirutku, K
Cifci, OS
The purpose of this research was to identify personality constructs to be assessed in the selection of officers in the Turkish Armed Forces by using a personality-oriented job analysis approach. Personality-oriented job analytic interviews were conducted with currently employed and former officers (N = 78). Content analysis of the interviews led to the identification of a list of attributes presumed to be relevant. The attributes were then rated by a group of officers (N = 447) for relevance and importance. Principal component analysis of the weighted ratings (i.e., Relevance x Importance) resulted in 5 personality dimensions considered to be relevant to the job of military officer: Conscientiousness-Self-Discipline, Military Factor, Self-Confidence, Agreeableness-Extraversion, and Leadership. Finally, using a confirmatory approach, we tested the 5-factor structure against 1-factor and 2-factor solutions. Results suggest that the 5-factor solution has significantly better fit than the alternative models, providing some initial evidence for construct validity.