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Müstaki̇l konut si̇teleri̇nde kullanıcı terci̇hleri̇ne bağli fi̇zi̇ki̇ müdahaleler: Trabzon örneği̇

Zorlu, Tülay
Sağsöz, Ayşe
Due to changing public requirements and different user groups needing different residential location, designers are persuaded to concentrate on approaches that will fulfill the preference of users and the requirements of user-needs. However, whether the designed locations and settlements can fulfill the diverse and changing requirements and expectations of users or not, is always open to discussion. This subject is becoming important day by day in countries like Turkey where public change is rapid, and where household change is continuous with families of different size, and of diverse cultural and socio-economical structure. For this purpose, obtaining data that will support the theoretical study regarding the dynamic stucture and location of usage types for the family is important. In this study, the aim is to form the parameters that will obtain data for the accommodations to be designed in the future, by determining the corresponding features of private residential sites where users are not happy with their houses, where the changes they make aims to satisfy their expectations and requirements from the house unit. Under this scope, an in situ observation and a survey with users was made. The observations were performed in two stages, where in the first stage, architectural projects of the sites and houses were obtained from authorities and house-unit usage areas, location sizes and spatial-functional relations were determined; in the second stage, a survey was made with randomly selected users to interrogate the alterations they made in their houses in terms of the house unit plan. They were asked to state the negative features of their houses they are not happy with, the ideal type of accommodation they wanted to own or move to, the type of alterations they have made in their houses. The outcome is that, most of the users are not happy with their original plan types and plan sizes; and almost all have made alterations of different sizes and scales in their houses.