A Navier-Stokes Solver for Compressible Turbulent Flows on Quadtree and Octree Based Cartesian Grids

Kara, E.
Kutlar, A. İ.
Aksel, M. H.
null, null
Cartesian grids represent a special extent in unstructured grid literature. They employ chiefly created algorithms to produce automatic meshing while simulating flows around complex geometries without considering shape of the bodies. In this article, firstly, it is intended to produce regionally developed Cartesian meshes for two dimensional and three dimensional, disordered geometries to provide solutions hierarchically. Secondly, accurate results for turbulent flows are developed by finite volume solver (GeULER-NaTURe) with both geometric and solution adaptations. As a result, a “hands-off” flow solver based on Cartesian grids as the preprocessor is performed using object-oriented programming. Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model added Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes equations are solved for the flows around airfoils and wings. The solutions are validated and verified by one two dimensional and one three dimensional turbulent flow common test cases in literature. Both case studies disclose the efficaciousness of the developed codes and qualify in convergence and accuracy.
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics


An octree-based solution-adaptive Cartesian grid generator and Euler solver for the simulation of three-dimensional inviscid compressible flows
Kara, Emre; KUTLAR, AHMET İHSAN; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk (2016-01-01)
Cartesian grid generation methods are especially designed algorithms to generate automatic grids for complex geometries and to simulate flows around such geometries regardless of the body shape. Cartesian grids are generated by constructing an octree-based data structure for the purpose of connecting the Cartesian cells to each other. Entire algorithm is implemented in object-oriented FORTRAN programming language. Some special Cartesian algorithms, namely, Ray-Casting method and cut-cell adaptation are used...
A two dimensional euler flow solver on adaptive cartesian grids
Siyahhan, Bercan; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2008)
In the thesis work, a code to solve the two dimensional compressible Euler equations for external flows around arbitrary geometries have been developed. A Cartesianmesh generator is incorporated to the solver. Hence the pre-processing can be performed together with the solution within a single code. The code is written in the C++ programming language and its object oriented capabilities have been exploited to save memory in the data structure developed. The Cartesian mesh is formed by dividing squares succe...
A Fully Implicit Finite Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method for Turbulent Flow
Cevik, Fatih; Albayrak, Kahraman (2017-08-01)
Almost all schemes existed in the literature to solve the Lattice Boltzmann Equation like stream & collide, finite difference, finite element, finite volume schemes are explicit. However, it is known fact that implicit methods utilizes better stability and faster convergence compared to the explicit methods. In this paper, a method named herein as Implicit Finite Volume Lattice BoltzmannMethod (IFVLBM) for incompressible laminar and turbulent flows is proposed and it is applied to some 2D benchmark test cas...
A boundary element formulation for axi-symmetric problems in poro-elasticity
Özyazıcıoğlu, Mehmet H; Özkan, M. Yener; Department of Civil Engineering (2006)
A formulation is proposed for the boundary element analysis of poro-elastic media with axi-symmetric geometry. The boundary integral equation is reduced to a set of line integral equations in the generating plane for each of the Fourier coefficients, through complex Fourier series expansion of boundary quantities in circumferential direction. The method is implemented into a computer program, where the fundamental solutions are integrated by Gaussian Quadrature along the generator, while Fast Fourier Transf...
A parallel gas-kinetic Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook method for the solution of viscous flows on two-dimensional hybrid grids
Ilgaz, M.; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
In this study, a parallel implementation of gas-kinetic Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook method on two-dimensional hybrid grids is presented. Boundary layer regions in wall bounded viscous flows are discretised with quadrilateral grid cells stretched in the direction normal to the solid surface while the rest of the flow domain is discretised by triangular cells. The parallel solution algorithm on hybrid grids is based on the domain decomposition using METIS, a graph partitioning software. The flow solutions obtained ...
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E. Kara, A. İ. Kutlar, M. H. Aksel, and n. null, “A Navier-Stokes Solver for Compressible Turbulent Flows on Quadtree and Octree Based Cartesian Grids,” Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, pp. 539–549, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/51698.