Cathode ray tube display console.

Yeter, Haluk


Cathodic hydrogen embrittlement of pre-stressing steel wires in simulated concrete environments.
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Cathodic protection of aluminium and its alloys from pitting corrosion in 3.5% NaCL solution
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Wideband microwave transistor power amplifiers.
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Cathode-ray tube terminal for use in teleinformation system of national load dispatching project of T.E.K.
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Photoelectron, compton and characteristic x-ray escape from an HPGe detector in the range 8-52 keV
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Escape of photoelectrons, Compton-scattered photons and Ge x-rays from an HPGe detector was studied as a function of energy in the range 8-52 keV. A variable-energy source producing Cu, Rb, Mo, Ag, Ba. and Tb x-rays was used. All three mechanisms for energy loss were observed in the same experiment for Ba and Tb, while only x-ray and photoelectron escapes were evident in the spectra for Ag, Mo, Rb, and Cu. Spectral features and possible mechanisms for partial energy deposition were investigated. A Monte Car...
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H. Yeter, “Cathode ray tube display console.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.