Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by Halobacterium halobium

Sediroglu, V
Yucel, M
Gunduz, L
Turker, L
Aydemir, A
Eroğlu, İnci
A bio-photoelectrochemical reactor has been designed and constructed in order to understand the biocatalytic effect of Halobacterium halobium on the electrochemical production of hydrogen in salt solution. Photoelectrochemical studies were carried out at 25 degrees C in 20 % NaCl solution containing 0.68 mu M bacteriorhodopsin. The reactor was illuminated by a 1000 W projector lamp which was 50 cm apart.
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V. Sediroglu, M. Yucel, L. Gunduz, L. Turker, A. Aydemir, and İ. Eroğlu, “Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by Halobacterium halobium,” 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: