The Story of Istanbul's Modernisation

Tekeli, İlhan
Since reform started under Ottoman rule in the early 19th century, Istanbul has undergone a substantial period of modernisation that has spanned more than 150 years. ilhan Tekeli outlines the metropolis' enduring development, characterising Istanbul's transformation into a modern city into four distinct periods. It is a story that bridges the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the reconstruction of the Turkish Republic as a nation-state, with the initial demise of the city in favour of Ankara; and continues with Istanbul regaining its status as a world city; as it evolves from a monstrous industrial city to an urban region and global centre.


The implementation of the Ottoman land code of 1858 in eastern Anatolia
Gözel, Oya; Boztemur, Recep; Department of History (2007)
The nineteenth century was an era that great centralization and codification attempts were realized in the Ottoman Empire. One of these attempts was the Ottoman Land Code of 1858, which put various land regulations throughout the empire into a standard code. But this standard Code gave different results when applied to different regions which had their own characteristic features. Eastern Anatolia, which had an autonomous position since its incorporation to the Ottoman Empire, was also in the scope of the L...
The role of the Young Ottomans in the transformation of mentality in the Ottoman Empire
Kaplan, Ferhat; Ertuğrul, Kürşad; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2007)
The main topic of this study is determining the role of the Young Ottomans in mentality transformation in the Ottoman Empire from the traditional one to a modern one. Their proposals aim to change three patterns of the Ottoman state and society. The relation between state and the individual is the first issue. They tried to create an Ottoman citizenry, enhanced with freedom and political rights, from a reaya. In the second step they imagined a modern society. Their proposals, which imply a secular system, a...
The mid-nineteenth century Ottoman Bulgaria from the viewpoints of the French travelers
Tanır, Engin Deniz; Turan, Ömer; Department of History (2005)
This thesis deals with Bulgaria under the Ottoman rule in the second and third quarters of the 19th century. The sources used in this study are the works of 18 French travelers who have explored this region in that period. In this work the data collected by the French travelers, their impressions on the people and the region are evaluated. The thesis analyses Bulgaria under the last days of the Ottoman rule and assesses the outlook of Bulgaria regarding its demographic situation, the characteristics of its ...
The Birth Of An Aesthetic Discourse In Ottoman Architecture
Nalbantoğlu, Gülsüm (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1988)
The sixteenth century was a time of impressive architectural careers both in the Ottoman Empire and in the Western world. In the West, the Renaissance culminated in the works of masters like Michelangelo and Palladio. In the Ottoman Empire, Sinan, the most widely known Ottoman architect, built the royal monuments of a prosperous age. It is obviously misleading to talk about the Renaissance as a homogenous entity since there were significant differences in the ways various cultures experienced the new artist...
The Transformation of the built environment in Amasya from the late Ottoman Empire to the early Turkish Republic
Kalkan Açıkkapı, Duygu.; Altan, T. Elvan.; Department of History of Architecture (2019)
This study focuses on the transformation of the built environment in the northern Anatolian town of Amasya from the late period of the Ottoman Empire to the early period of the Turkish Republic. The aim is to evaluate the settlement history of Amasya as a city with distinctive geographical characteristics, by analyzing the transformation of its built environment in relation to the changing socio-cultural, economic and political contexts. The analysis starts by focusing on the essential urban nodes formed by...
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