Structure-function of cytochromes P450 and flavin-containing monooxygenases - Implications for drug metabolism

Halpert, JR
Domanski, TL
Adalı, Orhan
Biagini, CP
Cosme, J
Dierks, EA
Johnson, EF
Jones, JP
de Montellano, PO
Philpot, RM
Sibbesen, O
Wyatt, WK
Zheng, ZP
This article is a report on a symposium held at Experimental Biology '98 in San Francisco, California. Recent developments in site-directed mutagenesis, computer-modeling, and mechanistic analysis of cytochromes P450 and flavin-containing monooxygenases are described. A unifying theme is the elaboration of general approaches for understanding and predicting the function of individual forms of these enzymes. A related goal is the production of soluble forms of mammalian cytochromes P450 for X-ray crystallography.


Purification and characterization of cytoplasmic and proteasome associated chymotrypsin-like proteases from Thermoplasma volcanium
Özdemir, F. İnci; Kocabıyık, Semra; Department of Biology (2003)
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In this study, a small heat shock protein gene (po-sHSP20) of archaeon Picrophilus oshimae which is the most thermoacidophilic organism known, was cloned and overexpressed in E.coli for the first time. The recombinant po-sHSP20 protein that was resistant to high temperature was purified to homogeneity by affinity chromatography. Oligomeric structure analysis of the po-sHSP20 by Size Exclusion Chromatography showed that it exists mostly as 12- and 18-mer oligomers with some dimeric/monomeric units under phys...
Identification of functionally orthologous protein groups in different species based on protein network alignment
Yaveroğlu, Ömer Nebil; Can, Tolga; Department of Computer Engineering (2010)
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Expression, purification and functional analysis of advenovirus type 5 e4 orf3 protein
Koyuncu, Emre; Severcan, Feride; Department of Biology (2004)
In this study, structural and functional aspects of adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) E4orf3 protein were analyzed by biophysical and biochemical methods. Ad5 is one of the mostly used gene therapy vectors to date. However, some of its proteins possess oncogenic potential and their presence comprises safety risks. E4orf3 is one of the oncoproteins of Ad5. It also takes important roles in viral infection, and is beneficial for therapy vectors. Therefore, understanding the functions of E4orf3 is very important for deve...
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