Basic fibroblast growth factor loaded polypropylene meshes in repair of abdominal wall defects in rats

Heybeli, T.
Kulacoglu, H.
Ergul, Z.
Ensari, C.
Kızıltay, Aysel
Yilmazer, D.
Serbetci, K.
Hasırcı, Nesrin
Background and Aim: Incisional hernia following laparotomy and recurrent herniation after its repair are still common problems in spite of mesh augmentation. The underlying biological mechanism may be related to collagen metabolism. Recently, some members of growth factors family have been tested in the prevention of wound failure and incisonal hernia formation. Growth factors may promote fibroblast proliferation and collagen deposition. In the present study, we searched the effects of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) loaded polypropylene meshes in an incisional hernia model in rats.


Effects of Ethylene Oxide Resterilization and In-vitro Degradation on Mechanical Properties of Partially Absorbable Composite Hernia Meshes
Endoğan Tanır, Tuğba; Kulacoglu, H.; Serbetci, K.; Kiyak, G.; Hasırcı, Nesrin (2013-11-01)
Background and Aim: Prosthetic mesh repair for abdominal wall hernias is widely used because of its technical simplicity and low hernia recurrence rates. The most commonly used material is pure polypropylene mesh, although newer composite materials are recommended by some centers due to their advantages. However, these meshes are more expensive than pure polypropylene meshes. Resterilization of a pure polypropylene mesh has been shown to be quite safe, and many centers prefer slicing a large mesh into small...
Dual growth factor delivery using PLGA nanoparticles in silk fibroin/PEGDMA hydrogels for articular cartilage tissue engineering
Fathi-Achachelouei, Milad; Keskin, Dilek; Bat, Erhan; Vrana, Nihal E.; Tezcaner, Ayşen (Wiley, 2020-07-01)
Degeneration of articular cartilage due to damages, diseases, or age-related factors can significantly decrease the mobility of the patients. Various tissue engineering approaches which take advantage of stem cells and growth factors in a three-dimensional constructs have been used for reconstructing articular tissue. Proliferative impact of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and chondrogenic differentiation effect of transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) over mesenchymal stem cells have previou...
Decreased Staphylococcus aureus and increased osteoblast density on nanostructured electrophoretic-deposited hydroxyapatite on titanium without the use of pharmaceuticals
Mathew, Dennis; Bhardwaj, Garima; Wang, Qi; Sun, Linlin; Ercan, Batur; Geetha, Manisavagam; Webster, Thomas J. (Informa UK Limited, 2014-01-01)
Background: Plasma-spray deposition of hydroxyapatite on titanium (Ti) has proven to be a suboptimal solution to improve orthopedic-implant success rates, as demonstrated by the increasing number of orthopedic revision surgeries due to infection, implant loosening, and a myriad of other reasons. This could be in part due to the high heat involved during plasma-spray deposition, which significantly increases hydroxyapatite crystal growth into the nonbiologically inspired micron regime. There has been a push ...
Anterior mitral leaflet curvature in the beating ovine heart: a case study using videofluoroscopic markers and subdivision surfaces
Göktepe, Serdar; Kvitting, JPE; Swanson, Julia; Ingels, Neil; Miller, Craig; Kuhl, Ellen (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-06-01)
The implantation of annuloplasty rings is a common surgical treatment targeted to re-establish mitral valve competence in patients with mitral regurgitation. It is hypothesized that annuloplasty ring implantation influences leaflet curvature, which in turn may considerably impair repair durability. This research is driven by the vision to design repair devices that optimize leaflet curvature to reduce valvular stress. In pursuit of this goal, the objective of this manuscript is to quantify leaflet curvature...
Anterior Mitral Leaflet Curvature During the Cardiac Cycle in the Normal Ovine Heart
Kvitting, JPE; Bothe, Wolfgang; Göktepe, Serdar; Rausch, Manuel; Swanson, Julia; Kuhl, Ellen; Ingels, Neil; Miller, Craig (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2010-10-26)
Background-The dynamic changes of anterior mitral leaflet (AML) curvature are of primary importance for optimal left ventricular filling and emptying but are incompletely characterized.
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