Directivity enhancehment of antipodal vivaldi antenna using broadband metasurface lens

© 2019 IEEE.In this work, radiation performance of an antipodal Vivaldi antenna is enhanced using a broadband metasurface lens structure in 1-6 GHz bandwidth. Radiation pattern for the new antenna is more directive due to electromagnetic properties of the metasurface lens. In order to create such a lens, electrically responsive unit cells with high effective permittivity values are utilized. Unit cell dimensions are adjusted to display no resonant behaviour in the designated bandwidth. Overall lens structure is etched over the same substrate containing the antipodal Vivaldi antenna resulting in a compact and low profile design. Far-field radiation patterns indicate a more directive beam is radiated from the modified antenna with metasurface lens. Measurement and simulation results show that directivity is increased considerably without affecting the efficiency characteristics of the antenna due to the inclusion of the metasurface lens.


Broadband absorption enhancement in an uncooled microbolometer infrared detector
Kebapci, Basak; Dervisoglu, Ozgecan; Battal, Enes; OKYAY, Ali Kemal; Akın, Tayfun (2014-05-08)
This paper introduces a method for a broadband absorption enhancement in the LWIR range (8-12 µm), in single layer microbolometer pixels with 35 μm pitch. For the first time in the literature, this study introduces a very simple and low cost approach to enhance the absorption by embedding plasmonic structures at the same level as the already existing metallic layer of a microbolometer pixel. The metal layer comprises the electrode and the arm structures on the body. Even though the periodicity of the plasmo...
Performance Analysis of Faster than Symbol Rate Sampling in 1-Bit Massive MIMO Systems
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Zinc oxide-tungsten-based pyramids in construction of ultra-broadband metamaterial absorber for solar energy harvesting
A new broadband absorber is investigated for the entire frequency domain of solar light (infrared, visible light and ultraviolet). While current absorbers in the literature have limited operation frequencies, investigated structure has a wide bandwidth and a perfect absorptivity (99% at nearly all operation frequencies). The proposed metamaterial absorber has ultra-broadband, angle-insensitive, polarisation-independent characteristics with a different conventional pyramid shape. Whereas other pyramid or tru...
TCP-Peach++: Enhancement of TCP-Peach+ for satellite IP networks with asymmetrical bandwidth and persistent fades - (Invited paper)
Fang, J; Akan, OB (2005-01-01)
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Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy of Freon-11 (CCl3F, CFC-11) at room temperature
Altan, Hakan; Alfano, S. A.; Alfano, R. R. (2006-08-31)
The rotational spectrum for the lowest vibrational mode for CCl3F has been measured in the 0.1-2 THz frequency range using a compact time-resolved terahertz spectrometer. The peak of the population spectrum for the ground state rotational manifold was observed at 0.3 THz. The observed absorption profile was modeled with rotational and vapor pressure parameters. The limits of detectivity of the compact THz system are discussed in context of atmospheric sensing.
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