Drilled piers.

Kocak, M Ismail


Drilling and Blasting in Coal Mining
Karpuz, Celal (CRC Press, 2016-01-01)
Drilling of gas hydrate reservoirs
Merey, Sukru (2016-09-01)
With the consumption of conventional hydrocarbon reserves and advancement in drilling technology, recently there is a high interest in gas hydrates in the world. Due to lack of experience and sensitive nature of gas hydrates, drilling in gas hydrate reservoirs were considered as risky. However, recent drilling data in gas hydrates shows that successful drilling operations in gas hydrate reservoirs are possible with some special measurements such as specially designed drilling fluid and cement slurry etc. In...
Drilling and Blasting Technology of Modern Mines
Erkayaoğlu, Mustafa (null; 2015-11-20)
Rubble-mound breakwaters with S-shape design
Ergin, Ayşen; Yanmaz, Ali Melih (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 1989-01-01)
When a single‐slope, rubble‐mound breakwater is subjected to waves that dislocate the stones but do not cause any overtopping, the damaged section may become stabilized at a certain level of wave attack, generating the “S‐shaped equilibrium profile.” A further increase in wave height finally causes a complete damage of the breakwater. If an equilibrium profile of a rubble‐mound breakwater section is examined, it is observed that the resulting profile is similar to a three‐slope berm‐type section. The fact t...
Tapping of power from the earth wires on EHV transmission lines.
Kundak, Göral; Department of Electrical Engineering (1973)
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M. I. Kocak, “Drilled piers.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.