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Search And Determinants of Job Search Intensity In Turkey

Taşcı, Hacı Mehmet
There are a few numbers of studies on job search behavior of unemployed individuals in the developing countries. The purpose of the present study is to examine the personal, household and labor market characteristics on the job search intensity of Turkish unemployed individuals. For this aim we use individual data obtained from the Household Labor Force Surveys of 2000 and 2001. The analyses are carried out for the full data as well as by considering residence dimension. The results indicate that urban residents are more likely to search more intensively than rural residents. It is also observed that females search less intensively than males. Increases in education level seem to increase the job search intensity. There is an inverse-U shaped relation between age and job search intensity. While living in the most developed regions of Turkey, i.e. Marmara and Aegean increase the intensity of job search, living in the least developed regions of East and South-East Anatolia decline the job search intensity. Increases in unemployment rate increase the job search intensity, but increases in the level of GDP declines the job search intensity. Further, there is an inverse-U shaped relation between population density and job-search intensity.