Effect ofspecimen size on undrained shear strength of stiff fissured Ankara clay.

Tezer, A. Bulent


Effect of degree of compaction on the compressibility of the Ankara and Eymir Lake clays.
Kiper, Tuba; Department of Civil Engineering (1972)
Effect of Oxygen Tension and Medium Components on Monomer Distribution of Alginate
Moral, Cigdem Kivilcimdan; Doğan, Özdemir; Sanin, Faika Dilek (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-06-01)
Alginate is a natural biopolymer composed of mannuronic and guluronic acid monomers. It is produced by algae and some species of Azotobacter and Pseudomonas. This study aims to investigate the effect of dissolved oxygen tension (DOT) and growth medium substrate and calcium concentrations on the monomeric composition of alginate produced by Azotobacter vinelandii ATCCA (R) 9046 in a fermenter. Results showed that alginate production increased with increasing DOT from 1 to 5 %. The highest alginate production...
Effect of particle size on early heat evolution of interground natural pozzolan blended cements
Ardoğa, Mehmet Kemal; Erdoğan, Sinan Turhan; Tokyay, Mustafa (2019-05-10)
Natural pozzolans are increasingly being used in blended cements due to their compositional uniformity and local abundance in some countries. They influence hydration, both at early and late ages. A control portland cement and three interground cements containing natural pozzolan were produced using a laboratory ball mill and sieved through 10-mu m, 35-mu m and 50-mu m sieves to yield different cement size subgroups. The heat evolution of each subgroup was investigated up to 2 days using isothermal calorime...
Gündüz, Güngör (Elsevier BV, 1988-01-01)
The interfacial bond between a steel fibre and concrete generally increases with the polymer content. Naphthalene used to generate new pores in order t increase the polymer loading and thus to increase the interfacial bond strength has a positive effect up to 3% by weight. Higher amounts weaken the cementitious phase and also decrease the amount of polymer incorporated. Drying of concrete before impregnation at 150°C rather than at 105°C increases the polymer loading and thus the interfacial bond strength. ...
Effect of loading direction and long-term aging on fatique-crack growth in Al-Li alloy 2090
Anık, Mustafa; Doruk, Mustafa; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1995)
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A. B. Tezer, “Effect ofspecimen size on undrained shear strength of stiff fissured Ankara clay.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.