Performance analysis of a solar water heater module

Gürsoy, Ahmet


Performance analysis of an air-to-air and a solar assisted heat pump
Şahin, Murat; Oskay, Rüknettin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1995)
Performance analysis of a solar-assisted heat pump with an evacuated tubular collector for domestic heating
Caglar, Ahmet; Yamali, Cemil (2012-11-01)
Performance of a solar-assisted heat pump with an evacuated tubular collector has been analyzed both theoretically and experimentally. A domestic heating system has been designed, constructed and tested. The evacuated tubular solar collector has been used to achieve higher collector efficiencies. The effects of evaporation temperature on the heating capacity and performance of the system have been investigated. Evaporation temperature varies between 5.2 and 20.7 degrees C while storage tank temperature vari...
Performance analysis of a parabolic trough solar collector under varying load and solar radiation conditions
Şahin, Abdurrahman; Oskay, Rüknettin; Paykoç, Ediz; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1994)
Performance Analysis of a Fractional Controller Developed for the Vibration Suppression of a Smart Beam
Onat, Cem; Şahin, Melin; Yaman, Yavuz (null; 2011-07-06)
Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Single-Phase and Two-Phase Interleaving Flyback Micro-Inverters for Grid Connected PV Systems
Kavurucu, Semih; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2014-06-04)
Flyback converter based single-stage, microinverters are attractive solution for interfacing individual PV modules to the grid due to their low cost, high performance, ease of implementation, and galvanic isolation. In such applications, discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) of operation and interleaving techniques bring additional size and performance advantages such as eliminating reverse recovery loss, switching stress, EMI radiation, and improving efficiency. This paper focuses on performance evaluation o...
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A. Gürsoy, “Performance analysis of a solar water heater module,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.