Residual Lifetime of Consecutive k-out-of-n Systems Under Double Monitoring

Bayramoglu, Konul
The consecutive k-out-of-n systems are important structures in reliability engineering due to their applications in various real life situations. In this paper, we study the residual lifetime of these systems under the condition that the total number of failed components at time is, and at time t(2) (t(2) > t(1)) the system is still working. We obtain explicit expressions for the survival function of the corresponding residual life when the components are exchangeably dependent. We also obtain a signature-based mixture representation for a coherent system satisfying a certain property.


Sistem projelerinde elektrik-elektronik mühendisleri ve bilgisayar mühendislerinin işbirliklerinin iyileştirilmesi
Değerli, Mustafa; Kaygan, Pınar (CEUR-WS; 2016-11-04)
Sistem projelerinde başarılı olunabilmesi için disiplinlerarası ve bazen de disiplinlerötesi bir yaklaşım ve işbirliği gerekmekte ve bu projelerde özellikle elektrik & elektronik mühendisleri ve bilgisayar mühendislerinin etkili ve verimli bir şekilde işbirliği yapmaları gerekmektedir. Bu nedenle, sistem projelerinin analiz, tasarım, geliştirme, entegrasyon ve test fazlarında elektrik & elektronik mühendisleri ve bilgisayar mühendislerinin işbirlikleri, sağlanması ve sürekli iyileştirilmesi gereken bir husu...
Yerlikaya, Umit; Balkan, Raif Tuna (2017-10-13)
Electromechanical actuators are widely used in miscellaneous applications in engineering such as aircrafts, missiles, etc. due to their momentary overdrive capability, long-term storability, and low quiescent power/low maintenance characteristics. This work focuses on electromechanical control actuation systems (CAS) that are composed of a brushless direct current motor, ball screw, and lever mechanism. In this type of CAS, nonlinearity and asymmetry occur due to the lever mechanism itself, saturation limit...
Piezoelectric ceramics and their applications in smart aerospace structures
Çalışkan, Tarkan; Yaman, Yavuz; Nalbantoğlu, Volkan; Department of Aeronautical Engineering (2002)
This thesis investigates some applications of smart structures in aerospace engineering. The smart structures considered are finite and flat aluminum beam-like and plate-like structures with surface bonded PZT (Lead-Zirconate-Titanate) patches. The smart structures are studied in cantilevered configuration. The thesis gives the theoretical and experimental studies conducted on the smart structures with particular attention given to the vibration control aspects. In the determination of the structural models...
Broadband phase shifter realization with surface micromachined lumped components
Tokgöz, Korkut Kaan; Demir, Şimşek; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
Phase Shifters are one of the most important building cells of the applications in microwave and millimeter-wave range, especially for communications and radar applications; to steer the main beam for electronic scanning. This thesis includes all of the stages starting from the theoretical design stage to the measurements of the phase shifters. In detail, all-pass network phase shifter configuration is used to achieve broadband and ultra wide-band differential phase characteristics. For these reasons, 1 to ...
Evaluation and selection of case tools: a methodology and a case study
Okşar, Koray; Okşar, Koray; Department of Information Systems (2010)
Today’s Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) technology covers nearly all activities in software development ranging from requirement analysis to deployment.Organizations are evaluating CASE tool solutions to automate or ease their processes. While reducing human errors, these tools also increase control, visibility and auditability of the processes. However, to achieve these benefits, the right tool or tools should be selected for usage in the intended processes. This is not an easy task when the vas...
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