Forward Kinematics of the 6-6 general Parallel Manipulator Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithms

Rolland, Luc
Chandra, Rohitash
This article examines an optimization method to solve the forward kinematics problem (FKP) applied to parallel manipulators. Based on Genetic Algorithms (GA), a non-linear equation system solving problem is converted into an optimization one. The majority of truly parallel manipulators can be modeled by the 6-6 which is an hexapod constituted by a fixed base and a mobile platform attached to six kinematics chains with linear (prismatic) actuators located between two ball joints. Parallel manipulator kinematics are formulated using the explicit Inverse Kinematics Model (IKM). The position based equation system is implemented. In order to implement GA, the objective function is formulated specifically for the FKP using one squared error performance criteria applied on the leg lengths augmented by three platform joint distances. The proposed approach implements an elitist selection process where a new mutation operator for Real-Coded GA is analyzed. These experiments are the first to converge towards several exact solutions on a general Gough platform manipulator with fast convergence.
IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics


Forward Kinematics of the 3RPR planar Parallel Manipulators Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithms
Rolland, Luc; Chandra, Rohitash (2009-09-16)
This article examines Genetic Algorithms to solve the forward kinematics problem applied to planar parallel manipulators. Most of these manipulators can be modeled by the tripod 3-RPR.
On Solving the Forward Kinematics of the 6-6 General Parallel Manipulator with an Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm
Rolland, Luc; Chandra, Rohitash (2010-07-08)
The G3-PCX genetic algorithm is compared with hybrid meta-heuristic approaches for solving the forward kinematics problem of the 6-6 general parallel manipulator. The G3-PCX shows improvements in terms of accuracy, response time and reliability. Several experiments confirm solving the given problem in less than 1 second. It also reports all the 16 unique real solutions which are verified by an exact algebraic method. This opens the way to simulation and certification applications.
Parallel processing of two-dimensional euler equations for compressible flows
Doǧru, K.; Aksel, M.h.; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı (2008-12-01)
A parallel implementation of a previously developed finite volume algorithm for the solution of two-dimensional, unsteady, compressible Euler equations is given. The conservative form of the Euler equations is discretized with a second order accurate, one-step Lax-Wendroff scheme. Local time stepping is utilized in order to accelerate the convergence. For the parallel implementation of the method, the solution domain is partitioned into a number of subdomains to be distributed to separate processors for par...
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Optimization of one-dimensional Bin Packing Problem with island parallel grouping genetic algorithms
Dokeroglu, Tansel; Coşar, Ahmet (2014-09-01)
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