Barriers to Effective Learning of High School Students in Turkey

Cihan, Tugba
This study aims to present the development and validation process of a scale to explore the learning barriers of high school students in Turkey. For this purpose, a scale was developed and administered to 316 high school students studying in the different counties of Ankara in the spring term of 2014-2015 academic year. Gathering the data, an exploratory factor analysis was run through SPSS Package program to see the structure of the interrelationships among the variables under six tests. Furthermore, a reliability analysis was conducted to the items under each test in the scale. As a result, one factor appeared under each test when the eigenvalues and variance percentages were examined, making six factors in total. The Cronbach's Alpha Reliability Coefficient was calculated as to be significant for each test, which showed that the tests were reliable. Finally, some items were excluded from the scale.


Teachers’ perception of learning organization culture in regards to teaching and learning practices in a private school in Turkey
Sarnel, Deni; Emil, Serap; Department of Educational Sciences (2019)
The purpose of this study is to gain insight into how private school teachers in Turkey perceive learning organization culture and how they reflect this concept to their teaching and learning practices. This research claims that; a school must understand and implement the five disciplines of a learning organization asserted by Peter Senge and leadership plays an essential role in creating and maintaining this culture. In-depth interviews with an open-ended structure were used to address the intended researc...
Effects of problem-based learning and traditional instruction on self-regulated learning
Sungur, Semra; Öztekin, Ceren (2006-05-01)
The authors used the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire to investigate the effectiveness of problem-based learning (PBL) and traditional instructional approaches on various facets of students' self-regulated learning, including motivation and learning strategies. Participants included 61 tenth-grade students from 2 intact classes instructed by the same biology teacher. The authors randomly assigned 1 class as the experimental group and the other class as the control group. Teachers instructed t...
Social identity change among english language learners: a case study
Tarhan, Hakan; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This case study has been conducted in order to explore social identity change among a group of language learners studying in the English language preparatory program at a private university in Turkey. The relationship between the students’ self-system types and their academic performance was also investigated. The data were collected through face-to-face interviews with eleven students and the instructors who taught them during an academic year and the assessment and performance reports each instructor prep...
Changes in teachers’ practices of building democratic values in preschool settings through pedagogical documentation
Buldu, Elif; Olgan, Refika; Department of Early Childhood Education (2018)
The aim of the current study was to investigate how pedagogical documentation implications support values of freedom, respect, collaboration, and empowerment in Turkish early childhood learning environments. To this end, qualitative case study research was conducted with two early childhood teachers from private and public preschool institutions. The data collection period lasted two semesters. In the first semester, the participant teachers did not interfere with their pedagogical documentation implementat...
A comprehensive investigation of TPACK within pre-service teachers’ ICT profiles: Mind the gap!
Tondeur, Jo; Scherer, Ronny; Siddiq, Fazilat; Baran, Evrim (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education, 2017-7-24)
This study aims to identify profiles of pre-service teachers in order to explore their readiness to integrate technology in education. The assumption is that pre-service teacher characteristics such as technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK), go together with the influence of their teacher training. Specifically, this study examines whether pre-service teachers can be clustered on the basis of their TPACK, a typical set of ICT-related characteristics (e.g., general ICT attitudes, attitudes towar...
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