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A Novel Left-Handed Metamaterial Based on Circular Resonator and Wire Strip for Waveguide Applications

Gunduz, Ozan T.
Sabah, Cumali
A new design of left-handed (LH) metamaterial (MTM) for waveguide applications is presented. The proposed structure is based on two identical circular ring resonators (CRRs) connected with a wire strip (WS). Simulation results show that the planar MTM has a LH resonance at around 10 GHz. Surface current and magnetic field distributions at the resonance are also examined to shown the LH behavior of the structure. In addition, a parametric study based on the gap size of the structure is also given in order to present the dependency of the LH resonance. The results reveals the non-linear relation between the LH resonance and structure dimensions. The parametric study will help us designing more advanced LH MTMs for different waveguide applications.