A Novel Dual-band Metamaterial Structure

Ekmekci, E.
Turban-Sayan, G.
In this study, we propose a novel metamaterial structure having magnetic resonances at two different frequencies and hence providing negative effective permeability values over two separate bandwidths. The introduced metamaterial unit cell topology in this paper is made of a single loop of conducting strip printed over a dielectric substrate with a special winding geometry. Transmission and reflection spectra of this unit cell are simulated using the Ansoft's HFSS software to observe its resonance frequencies. Then, the effective permeability (mu(eff)) and effective permittivity (epsilon(eff)) curves are retrieved from the already computed complex S-parameters to demonstrate the presence of two distinct negative permeability bandwidths. The results clearly show that this novel structure can be a very useful alternative to the ordinary SRR and spiral resonator (SR) structures especially when a dual band operation is needed.


A Novel Left-Handed Metamaterial Based on Circular Resonator and Wire Strip for Waveguide Applications
Gunduz, Ozan T.; Sabah, Cumali (2014-07-10)
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A New Multi-ring SRR Type Metamaterial Design with Multiple Magnetic Resonances
Turkmen, O.; Ekmekci, E.; Sayan, Gönül (2011-03-23)
In this study, we propose a new SRR unit cell design for multi-band metamaterial applications. The suggested unit cell structure consists of N number of concentric split rings to obtain magnetic resonances at N distinct frequencies. The value of each distinct resonance frequency can be adjusted by changing design parameters such as metal widths and gap distances for each ring as well as ring-to-ring separations. The suggested multi-band structure is simulated using CST Microwave Studio. Effective medium par...
Özen, Hakan; Güvensen, Gökhan Muzaffer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-2-10)
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Gokce, Furkan; Aydın, Eren; Kangül, Mustafa; Toral, Taylan B.; Zorlu, Ozge; Sardan-Sukas, Ozlem; Külah, Haluk (2017-06-22)
In this study, a fabrication method utilizing parylene bonding for gravimetric resonant based mass sensors is presented. First, parylene bonding was experimentally tested and compared with the literature. Average shear strength was measured as 16.3 MPa (sigma=3MPa). Then, resonators located on top of a microchannel for real-time detection were fabricated using the presented method. Simulations and experiments verify proper operation of the fabricated resonators, and the applicability of the method for fabri...
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