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Properties of blended cements with thermally activated kaolin

Arikan, Metin
Sobolev, Konstantin
Ertuen, Tomris
Yeginobali, Asim
Turker, Pelin
Kaolin, one of the materials of major importance for the ceramic and paper industry, is also used in the construction industry as a raw material for the production of white cement clinker and, in the form of metakaolin, as an artificial pozzolanic additive for concrete. Metakaolin is a vital component of high-performance and architectural concrete; however, its application in regular concrete is very limited due to relatively high production costs. This report evaluates the performance of a low-cost metakaolin-based additive called thermally activated kaolin (TAK), in cement. Due to its pozzolanic properties and the densification of cement matrix, the application of TAK provides a 15% improvement of the compressive strength. It was shown that TAK of optimal quality can be manufactured by the thermal treatment of raw kaolin with 74% of kaolinite at 750 degrees C without the intermediate beneficiation stage. The application of a developed approach can significantly reduce production expenditures and make the application of such an additive feasible even in regular-grade cement and concrete.