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Alacam, Özge (1)
Bal Bozkurt, Gülce (1)
Calisir, Ibrahim (1)
Dalci, Mustafa (1)
Maviş, Eylem Elif (1)

Cognitive processes (1)
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Eye tracking (1)
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Gülce Bal Bozkurt
Computer Center
Eylem Elif Maviş
Computer Center
Reasons For Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Service's (In)ability to Diffuse: An Analysis of Actors in tie World and Turkey
Calisir, Ibrahim (2016-03-01)
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, which emerged from the developments in the telecommunications and television technology and the convergence of these, is anticipated as a technology of the future. The fact that ...
A Usability Study of WebMaps with Eye Tracking Tool: The Effects of Iconic Representation of Information
Alacam, Özge; Dalci, Mustafa (2009-07-24)
In this study, we aim to conduct usability tests on different WebMap sites with eye movement analysis. Overall task performance, the effects of iconic representation of information, and the efficiency of pop-up usage were ...