Axial flux permanent magnet machine with novel flat winding made of conductor sheet

Çakal, Gökhan
This thesis proposes a novel winding topology, called flat winding, as an alternative to the conventional windings with stranded round wires for electric machines. It is made of a thin conductor sheet by industrial automation tools such as stamping press, laser, or water jet. Since these tools are widely used in the production of electric machines, the flat winding topology enjoys the advantage of the ease of manufacturing without significant modification on the production line. Superior current ratings, shortened end windings, and high fill factors are other advantages of flat winding. In order to evaluate its performance, it is implemented on the axial flux permanent magnet machine. Analytical modeling of the machine, including field modeling, voltage, torque derivations, and losses modeling, eliminated the finite element dependency. The promised advantages of flat winding are investigated on 1.4 kW, 26 Nm, and 48 V prototype machine, and the accuracy of the analytical models are validated through experimental verification. The feasibility of copper and aluminum flat windings is investigated on the prototype and compared in cost, manufacturing, and efficiency. The performance of flat winding topology in MW-scale machines are evaluated on 1 MW, 480 kNm, and 680 V direct-drive generator for wind turbine application. It is seen that flat winding has elevated the machine performance by achieving 46 Nm/kg torque density. In conclusion, the analysis in the thesis shows that novel flat winding topology is a promising alternative to the conventional windings for electric machines.


Flat winding made of aluminum or copper sheet for axial flux machines
Çakal, Gökhan; Keysan, Ozan (2021-04-01)
A novel flat winding topology has been proposed as an alternative to conventional windings with stranded round wires and other bar wound windings. The proposed winding is manufactured from thin conductor sheets by industrial tools such as stamping press, laser cutter, or water jet. As these tools are widely used in the production of electric machines, the flat winding topology can provide ease of manufacturing without significant modification to the production line. Besides, superior current ratings, shorte...
Integrated design and optimization of a direct drive axial flux permanent magnet generator for a tidal turbine
Keysan, Ozan; Mueller, M. (2010-04-01)
The C-GEN is a novel topology of direct drive air-core permanent magnet generator being developed at University of Edinburgh [1]. The topology has many benefits such as; absence of cogging torque, reduced mass and ease of manufacturing. A 20 kW prototype test rig and 15kW machine for a wind turbine has been manufactured and tested previously. Initial sizing studies for wind turbines indicate that the C-GEN concept will be up to 50% lighter than conventional iron cored PM direct drive generators [1]. In addi...
Magnetically Geared Direct Drive Wind Generator Thermal Analysis
Zeinali, Reza; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent; Yamali, Cemil; Tarvirdilu-Asl, Rasul (2017-05-27)
This paper considers Dual Stator Spoke Array Vernier Permanent Magnet (DSSA-VPM) generator for the direct drive wind-electric energy conversion. The structure of the generator is described. Although how this design is optimized is not discussed, dimensions of the designed generator are given. In electrical machine design thermal performance is naturally of utmost importance. In this paper thermal performance of the design and how its temperature can be kept within the temperature limit imposed by its insula...
Design of a tubular switched reluctance linear generator for wave energy conversion based on ocean wave parameters
Mendes, R. P. G.; Calado, M. R. A.; Mariano, S. J. P. S.; Cabrita, C. M. P. (2011-09-10)
This work presents a procedure for the design and analysis of a linear tubular switched reluctance generator for wave energy conversion. The generator is meant to be applied to a direct drive wave energy converter, namely a point absorber. The device is modeled according to wave climate conditions at Esposende site in the Portuguese coast. The procedure starts with statistical analysis of the local random ocean behavior in order to determine most likely values of occurrence for the wave parameters in questi...
Analysis and Fault Tolerant Control of a Five-Phase Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Bayazıt, Göksenin Hande; Keysan, Ozan; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2021-9-06)
This study investigates the fault-tolerance capability of an air-cored, axial flux, five-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine. The air-cored stator is designed by adopting a novel winding topology that is called flat winding. The coils of flat winding are made by bending and grouping one within another of the flat wires made of a laser-cut thin aluminum sheet. This topology provides superior current ratings, better cooling performance, and a robust structure for the stator. As the coils are covered w...
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G. Çakal, “Axial flux permanent magnet machine with novel flat winding made of conductor sheet,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.