Framing the everyday resistance in vegan lifestyle

Turgay, Tutku
Activism is an ever-changing phenomena, adapting its shape to overcome whatever changes surrounding it challenges its existence. Academic studies on social movements and activism have been developed mostly in relation with pertinent changes in the structure, both in Turkish and foreign literature. Relatively new interpretations of activism, such as lifestyle movements, tend to take place in one’s everyday life, actualizes the movement through seemingly mundane acts and choices. Veganism, categorized among lifestyle movements, is actualized through everyday choices made in line of an ethical concern towards non-human animals. In this regard, this thesis frames the everyday nature of resistance that is embodied and actualized by vegan individuals, and its place in contemporary Turkish civil society. To this end, individuals’ own accounts has been considered as source, through semi-structured interviews. With this research, ways in which their everyday life dynamics have been affected and even sometimes shaped by their decision to become vegan, consequently revealing the quality of resistance taking place in the everyday, has been examined.


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T. Turgay, “Framing the everyday resistance in vegan lifestyle,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.